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Reviews Easydutch:

 'A great dutch teacher next to centraal station. Always willing to help. ive been taking her lessons for a while no and its very good for everyday conversational dutch! Also makes you feel at home, would recommend anyday :)'  - Spomenka, Servië

'Linde Meijer has worked with us for just over 6 months, and during that time she was one of the best teachers we've had. She was very clear to us and the students, the students found her explanation very informative, she was honest, she had motivation, she did her best to help all her students with their work and found her work very important and fun. It was a real pleasure to have her as a teacher.'  - Roula, co-owner school of language Breda

'Gezellige and fun Dutch lessons close to Breda station. The teacher is very friendly and helpful! She teaches us not only from text books but also some games and fun conversations. I have been learning a lot and I feel much comfortable to speak Dutch since I started her lessons. If you are going to take inburgeringexamen or want to improve your Dutch, this is great place to learn!!!' - Shiori, Japan

'A truly distinguished teacher is very observant and understands the capabilities of each student and gives information according to those capabilities and monitors the level of each student and pushes towards the development of this level. Dedicated work and makes every effort to communicate the idea correctly to the student.' Nedal, Syrië

'I started self studying the Dutch language but after a while I was losing motivation to practice it. Once I started with the group lessons, I realized that learning the language is challenging but it can be fun in combination with grammar, listening, speaking and play GAMES together in Dutch. I really enjoy going to classes, discuss daily struggles on the language, ask questions on how to use a specific verb, get advise on the inburgeringexamen or just text my teacher whenever I have a question.'   Jhancarla, Bolivia