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At Easydutch you can study in a small group (maximum of 7-8 students), in a friendly atmosphere with a professional native Dutch teacher.

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Breda Business Park

Lijndonk 4 / Konijnenberg 61

4825 BG Breda

    More information:
    M 06 135 92 475

    Please leave a voicemail message,

    I will call you back asap.

Please leave a voicemail message when I don't answer my phone: I might be teaching and not able to pick up! :)

Information about the courses (price, book, lessons) you can find on the page 'Dutch course'.

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!!!! New location January 1st 2024:

Breda Business Park, Lijndonk 4, 4825 BG Breda

New courses:

Conversation class (required level of Dutch: minimum A1 level)     DUTCH CONVERSATION CLASS                                                               Starting January 17th 2024:  Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm - subscribe now! -  info@easydutch.training


Beginners course start Friday January 12th 2024, once a week Fridays 6 - 7:30 pm  ( - FULL- ) 

Next beginners course will start March 13th 2024. ( -FULL-)

Pay attention: Easydutch is a private school with a professional certified teacher, but Easydutch doesn't work with DUO or Gemeente Breda.

Learn Dutch in Breda! I also offer private (online) lessons during the day. For more information please contact Easydutch!

Easydutch is close to: Oosterhout, Made, Wagenberg, Teteringen, Terheijden, Dorst, Molenschot, Rijsbergen, Etten-Leur, Gilze, Rijen, Ulvenhout, Tilburg, Roosendaal, Waalwijk and Zevenbergen.

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